• dia salud mental2
    World Mental Health Day
    The Canis Majoris Foundation works on Research+Technical Development programs
    for social and welfare measures to give response to questions in this field
  • curso catedra elena pessino
    The legal and social situation of
    religious minorities in Spain, debate at the University of Alcalá
    coming up on 27 and 28 September
  • becarias cuba JU Slideshow
    We interview the first scholarship
    researchers of the II International Training and Research Program
    Amaray Cabrera and Kiuttzza Gómez
  • experto universitario uah
    Course: "On Affective Disorders.
    Neurobiology, Diagnosis and Treatment", addressed to Psychiatrists, Psychologists
    and Non Specialist Doctors interested in the field of Mental health

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Animal Assited Therapy - AAT

Support and help to people with disabilities, under Animal Assisted Therapy.


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