What is Animal Assisted Therapy?

Animal Assisted Therapy is a new concept of help and aid, to people with dissabilities which central focus is guided or assisted therapy, by animals, in which is included Dog Assistance Therapy, main focus in the work done by Foundation Canis Majoris.

The latest works in investigation endorse these types of therapies, as pioneer and tremendously efficient, in the global field for dissabilities, both mental and physical.  The social problem which signifies dissability, in the world today, requires a new approach, more dinamic, which may really benefit the person with a dissability.

From a psychological point of view, dogs adopt an affective attitude, with a great closeness towards human beings, without passing judgements, besides being excelent guides. They are playful and affective, and they remain loyal to their human counterparts for the course of a life-time. Aside from this, the dog provides, with its company, a certain support based on a new language, in which the stimulating and non verbal factors draw on an esential importance, allowing the therapists to conduct more efficient, psychological and physical therapies.

Several studies signal that, in their interaction with dogs, people with dissabilities develop social skills, together with affective and motor improvements.  The principal objective, in a good Animal Assisted Therapy, is the improvement at the physical, psyquic, social, emotional and linguistic and/or cognitive levels, that the person with a dissability may benefit from. The dog is a magnificent co-therapist at every level we give mention, but in addition to this they provide, through their company, with an improvement in psychomotor skills, memory and attention.

For the best Animal Assisted Therapy, we must collaborate with psychologists, therapists, and dog trainers, in the design of programs, to obtain advances in the rehabilitation process of the patiens, beneffiting from Animal Assisted Therapies.  Certaintly, we must have the most obedient and care given dogs.

As a benefic entity, Foundation Canis Majoris, has this task, as one of its main social works. Its therapies are directed to people with physical, psiquic, sensory or mental dissabilities.