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Amazon is a male Dachshund that we acquired from a private breeder, when the Foundation was chosen as one of the winning organizations of the 'Amazon in the Community 2015' awards, organized by AMAZON Spain, in December of that same year. As the latest project of the Canis Majoris Foundation, our Amazon performs as a therapy dog at various centres where the institution operates. He is currently undergoing training.

He was carefully selected according to the desired criteria of breeder, lineage, origins, genetic ancestry and family, all of which ensured that we would have a good therapy dog.

Since becoming an active part of the Foundation, Amazon is being trained at our Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) centres -and will continue to do so for the rest of his life as a therapy animal, after having been socialized at a basic level.

The president of the Canis Majoris Foundation decided that Amazon's training was to be addressed in a different and more innovative manner by living with his trainer, Irene García-Rama, which has helped enormously with his cognitive and emotional development. He has been trained from a very early stage with specific games and taught to accompany, to listen and to give love without asking for anything in return.


The Dachshund is a small breed of dog that can reach a height of 17-25 cm depending on the variety. They tend to be elongated and compact with short legs in relation to their body.

The coat is quite often a harlequin tone (pattern of ragged dark spots often on a clear background), or unicolor (from yellow to red), brindle or two-tone, although the most common are black or brown with tan markings.

With regards to temperament, the Dachshund is a very balanced dog with strong personality and much initiative. They also adapt easily to different environments, which makes it a perfect breed for carrying out good animal assisted therapy (AAT).