Luis Pantaleón - Dog trainer

Luis Pantaleón

Noteworthy comments: The nobility of animals makes people more humble. AAT is a child’s dream come true.

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I was born in Móstoles (Madrid) in 1991 and already as a child I was always fascinated by the animal kingdom from my home and environment surrounded by cats and dogs where I developed a special sensitivity toward them and great curiosity to understand them and the world around them. I have also been influenced by books and documentaries about dogs, cats and wild animals which all steered me to graduate in Environmental Sciences, acquiring knowledge about wildlife conservation, specifically birds of prey and dogs.

For years the thought of linking both my work and animals was something that I saw as utopian until I discovered Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). Through AAT, not only am I able to fulfil a dream, but I can do so while helping many people. This was the reason I studied in dog training and AAT in order to further understand the world of dogs and the incredible help we can borrow from them.

Today I can say that I´m part of the team that make up the Fundación Canis Majoris, enabling me to start a fascinating stage in my professional and personal life, to which I´m truly thankful. To help me on this marvellous challenge I have the support of my faithful companion, Mapa, which makes everything much easier by contributing sensitivity, loyalty and unconditional affection that I could never have imagined.

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