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AAT: The bond with the animal for the integral development of the person

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I was born in Toledo in 1976. Since childhood I have been passionate about animals. I am immensely grateful to my parents for everything, for what they are like, and because from an early stage they soon understood the happiness I experienced with animals. So, my childhood was spent in the company of small and valuable "sentient beings": ducks, chickens, hamsters, turtles, birds, cats... Being among them allowed me to enjoy myself immensely and I learned the values of caring for them and the protection of the most vulnerable.

I was not given everything I wanted. Education is also about setting limits, and I grew up longing to have a dog. Alas, no dog ever entered my parents' home, and yet I never lost hope of one of my greatest desires being fulfilled. Meanwhile, I soothed my frustration by petting all the dogs that crossed my path. Today, I can say that thanks to that firm decision of my parents, I have met many, many dogs. Many more than I could have imagined then.

This desire to share my life with a dog has not been a temporary blip. It has been the engine that has driven me to work in an animal shelter and train as a Therapy Dog Trainer and Technician in Animal Assisted Therapy. This has allowed me to bring together and complement two of the things that I really enjoy: animals, and my professional performance as a Social Educator.

Forming part of the Canis Majoris Foundation is a great satisfaction for me. It is a dream come true. To convey to others the benefits that the bond with animals can bring us is a privilege. To be an active part of this therapeutic and educational process between an animal and a person, is to be where I´ve always wanted to be.

Mía is my partner and co-therapist. She has four legs and her entire body is covered by a cinnamon colored coat. She is unequalled at bringing joy and affection into every single thing she does. Working with her is an infinite source of motivation and learning.

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