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Moon is a Jack Russell male which was acquired in the month of October of 2014, in the breeder Torre la Sabina (Spain).  Its the third specimen by the Foundation, and given the first results we can confirm that its going to be a wonderful therapy dog; with only 3 months of life it already participates in the programs the Foundation has developped, in the various centers of the Comunity of Madrid.

Moon was carefully selected by the team of Animal Assisted Therapy, of the Foundation, from a range of six brothers, being the most sociable, and the one that showed most socialization, when presented to people.  It will be trained by its trainer, Enernesto Ares, with whom he lives, with the objective to form itself as therapy dog, and this way help all those people with special needs, who require its assistance.


Jack Russell

The Jack Russell is a small dog of English origin, which can weigh between 5 and 6 Kilos, with a height of 27 to 35 centimeters.  Usually its coloring is of three colors, white, brown and black, being there specimens of hair soft, strong and semistrong.

With respect to its temperament and character, the Jack Russell are very intrepid, courageous and sure of themselves. They are also very energetic, lively, intelligent and very friendly with people, specially with children.  It is an excellent therapy dog, which requires of specific daily training.