Ernesto Ares - Therapy Coordinator

Ernesto Ares

Animal Assisted Therapy is a fascinating world.

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I was born in Madrid, in 1973, and since I was a child I have lived surrounded by all kinds of dogs, which have taught me values like loyalty, fidelity, and unconditional love.

I am a person who has always respected animals, from the smallest one to the biggest one, defending their rights.  To this passion united a worry to want to help other people.  And life has now offered me the opportunity to combine both interests, at the professional level.  This is why when I became familiarized with Animal Assisted Therapy, I became very fond of this world, and did not doubt to form myself in canine training and as technitian in Animal Assisted Therapy.

I find it fascinating, to be able to work with a dog, Moon, since its birth, and be able to intervene with it, in different therapies, which since the first day help people with a Mental Illness.  Foundation Canis Majoris has given me the opportunity to undertake this task daily.

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