GALLERY: V Edition Siboney Painting and Narrative Awards

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V Edition of the Siboney Narrative and Painting Award

The Canis Majoris Foundation announced the V Edition of the Siboney Narrative and Painting Awards in collaboration with the Community of Madrid, “Amigos del Dragon Lector" (Friends of the Dragon Reader reading promotion association) and the artist, Paloma Johansson, last 25th and 27th April 2017. The event took place within the framework of International Book day, which is aimed at stimulating interest in reading and painting among schoolchildren at risk of psychosocial exclusion aged from 6 to 17.

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40 participants presented their entries for the V Edition of the Siboney Narrative and Painting Prize

The Canis Majoris Foundation has conducted two events for participants to draw their paintings and write their stories, on the 25th and 27th of April 2017. In this edition they've also competed in a dog gymkhana!

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International Children's and Youth Book Day

The Canis Majoris Foundation dedicates this day to the collaborators in the Siboney Narrative and Painting Award, Doña Pilar Pérez Pérez and Don José Andrés Villota Grocha.

mosaico pilar jose