International Children's and Youth Book Day

Doña Pilar Pérez Pérez and Don José Andrés Villota Grocha (Collaborators with The Canis Majoris Foundation) will once again participate in the Siboney Narrative and Painting Award to be held in April 2017. The event aims to promote interest in reading and painting among schoolchildren aged from 6 to 17.

The founders of the Association to encourage reading "Amigos del Dragón Lector" (Friends of the Dragon Reader) encourage society to celebrate the International Children's and Youth Book Day (April 2nd) by reading something special to the little ones.

mosaico pilar jose

Doña Pilar Pérez and Don José Andrés Villota during the fourth edition of the Siboney Narrative and Painting Award
  • What are reading and writing for you?

What characterizes us as human beings is precisely the language ability. By developing our writing and reading, will also develop as people, as better people.

  • How did you come up with The Dragon Reader?

After many years of working in the publishing sector, particularly in children's book publishing, we knew what followed next was to see children enjoy the books. At that moment, we exposed a world of hopeful anticipation which must have been growing within us, almost without knowing. When we decided to take the path of Dragon Reader, everything was already very outlined from the inside. That's how our journey began, like uncorking a bottle full of ideas, full of hopeful anticipation.

And here we remain, although the project didn´t remain solely in bookstores, as today it continues working in different areas of society, pursuing the goal for which it was born: to bring reading to children.

Our journey with the Dragon reader began like uncorking

a bottle full of ideas and hopeful anticipation

  • What does it mean for you to collaborate with the Canis Majoris Foundation in the Siboney Narrative and Painting Award?

From the beginning, our project focused on promoting reading and we have always thought that one way of doing so is to also encourage writing.

To write is to better know literature, to engage in its secrets, its satisfactions, to become active subjects of its magic to involve others in our creativity, our inner world. Or maybe just for ourselves. By writing, we will value more what others write, and therefore, enjoy reading more.

For us, writing is also a way to promote

reading and infect us with its magic

Since the Canis Majoris Foundation invited us to collaborate with the Siboney Narrative and Painting Award, we knew it would be a way of also achieving our goal: to bring reading to children, and it has been. Throughout these years of collaboration, we have witnessed how the books have reached the children bringing joy which they value even more today.

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IV Siboney Narrative and Painting Award in pictures
  • What message would you like to send on this International Children's Book Day (April 2)?

The message we send on this day is very simple: Celebrate the day, the event, with children's literature. Like so many other things that we celebrate, let's also celebrate reading. And so, let's celebrate it, above all by sharing that reading. Read aloud, read something special with our little ones. And it may even be that we have not as yet discovered this pleasure, then let this day change our attitude and allow us to discover that emotional encounter that will remain forever.

On International Children's Book Day, read aloud

something special to the smaller children