Mission and Objetives

Part of the main mission of Canis Majoris, as Foundation of support and social help, for people with disabilities, is based in the elaboration of a detailed plan which may really help to integrate people affected with some type of disability.  Our desire is to reach this goal through guided and animal assisted therapies.

One of the objectives which we have raised is that of a full integration, social, physical and affective of people with a mental ilness. We will undertake several types of therapy, with the help of dogs co-therapists, which after having been carefully trained for the task, may assist these people in the areas psychological, physical, social and affective.  We will reach our goal through therapies in cognitive-emotional levels, and of guide in the daily tasks, always so important in the lives of these people. We will keep well in mind the main objective which we have raised: the plain integration in society of people with disabilities.

These objectives, realistic and viable, may be accomplished, but always with help, work and perseverance.  It may be reached, the objective that people with some type of disability may integrate fully in society, in the context of the world in which we live. Foundation Canis Majoris will give all it can to reach this objective.

Foundation Statutes

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