Summer Camp

With the aim of furthering the Canis Majoris Foundation’s values and objectives to foster and develop the socialization and integration of minors at risk of psychosocial exclusion and people with functional diversity, the foundation organizes a summer camp for a group of children from a center belonging to the Madrid Directorate General for Family and Minor Affairs.     The summer camps have a fun and therapeutic nature, aiming to foster healthy cohabitation based on having fun and personal enjoyment nurturing socialization and giving the children access to experiencing other realities that are not simply limited to those of the family, getting away from their routines by forming part of another group that id different to theirs in an environment in direct contact with nature.

The activities and workshops that are developed during the camp are aimed at stimulating the sense of belonging to a group and integration, thus learning to be more tolerant through games, team work and sport where they can strengthen their acquisition of social skills allowing them to establish links and healthy relationships with their peers.

Making good use of the resources available through the Foundation, they attend a short workshop which is greatly appreciated by the children where they have the opportunity to meet out AAT therapy dogs.