A pioneering project in Animal Assisted Therapy for women victims of gender violence

The Canis Majoris Foundation, in collaboration with the Institute of Social Work and Social Services (INTRESS), will launch a pioneering project in Animal Assisted Therapy at the end of March aimed at women victims of gender violence.

The project will be developed in INTRESS facilities, where the Foundation will travel to conduct therapy sessions for a group of women who have gone through or are going through a situation of sexist violence.

Thanks to the participation of the dog, we are able to favor communication, decentralize the problem, strengthen positive emotions, provide a multisensory stimulus and facilitate the user-therapist-technical relationship. There are many properties of Animal Assisted Therapy that can benefit women in this situation, where the benefits are of great importance for this group of women who have suffered systematic psychological violence. It  may also work toward learning assertive communication styles, decreased feelings of guilt, empowerment and healthy couple models, all driven by our canine therapists and co-therapists.

To finalize, taking into account the scientific criteria of all our projects, an evaluation will be carried out with standardized and validated instruments in this population, which will help to measure the effectiveness of the intervention with an experimental group that will receive the therapy and another control group which has not received the intervention.

At the Canis Majoris Foundation, we do not conceive our work if it is not in a transversal and scientific way, for this reason, we carry out all our activities from multidisciplinary approaches with the main objective of working for the no difference of the difference.


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