Call for the VII Edition of the Siboney Narrative and Painting Prize

The Canis Majoris Foundation once again proudly announces the VII Edition of the Siboney Narrative and Painting Prize in collaboration with the General Directorate for Family and Minor Affairs of the Community of Madrid and with the participation of the plastic artist, Paloma Johansson and the Association of Friends of the Dragon Reader (Amigos del Dragón Lector) .

The purpose of the contest is to promote interest in reading and painting among schoolchildren between the ages of 6 and 17.

For the celebration of the contest, the following categories have been established:

  • First category: Drawing

  • Second category: Narrative

The theme to be developed will be “In good times and in bad times, animals always accompany me”.

The stories must be original and unpublished, written in Spanish and with a maximum length of two pages and a minimum of one. The paintings must be adapted to a specific worksheet that the coordinator of the contest, Paloma Johansson, will provide to each of the participants.


The Foundation will hold an event for the participants to elaborate their narrative and artistic works at each of the collaborating centers. The organization staff will collect the works prepared for presentation before a jury to evaluate them.


The Canis Majoris Foundation will award the following prizes:

1st Category: Narrative

  • Prize for the best presentation

  • Prize for the best literary style

  • Prize for the most imaginative story

2nd Category: Drawing

  • Prize for the most original drawing

  • Prize for the most creative drawing

  • Prize for the drawing with the best technique

To be eligible for the Prizes it an essential requirement that each participant present a story and a drawing.

The Steering Committee will appoint a jury that will decide the winners of each Category, giving them the prize that will consist of a storybook and drawing material. The decision of the jury is final and does not entitle any claim by the applicants.

The participant’s drawings and stories will be compiled in the III Edition of the “Siboney Story Booklet”, which the Canis Majoris Foundation designs and edits for publication and distribution in selected libraries.

Download the poster of the call



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