The Canis Majoris Foundation announces the sixth edition of the Siboney Narrative and Painting Award in collaboration with the Directorate General of Family and Children of the Community of Madrid and with the participation of the artist Paloma Johansson and Friends of the Dragon Reader. The event aims to promote interest in reading and painting among schoolchildren aged between 6 and 17 years.

New to this year’s contest, we have established the following categories:

  • First Category: Drawing

  • Second category: Narrative

The topic to be developed will be “With my dog I learned that loyalty exists”

The stories must be original and unpublished,  written in Castilian and with a maximum length two A4 pages and a minimum of half a page. The paintings must conform to a specific worksheet that the coordinator Paloma Johansson will issue to the participants.


The Foundation will hold a ceremony for participants to develop their narrative and art in each of the collaborating centers on 12 and 19 April. The organizing team will collect the works for the  jury to evaluate.


The Canis Majoris Foundation will award the following prizes:

1st Category: Narrative

  • Prize for best presentation

  • Prize for the best literary style

  • Prize for the most imaginative story

2nd Category: Drawing

  • Prize  for most original drawing

  • Prize for the most creative drawing

  • Prize for best drawing technique

To be eligible for the awards it is an essential requirement that each participant submit a story and a picture.

The Award Committee will appoint a jury that will select the winners of each category by awarding the prize which consists of a storybook and drawing materials depending on the category which they have been awarded. The jury’s decision is irrevocable, and does not give right to any claim by the applicants.

The drawings and stories of all the participants will be compiled in the second edition of “librillo Siboney”(Siboney booklet)  for publication.

Download the poster of the call

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