Congratulations Champions!

The Spanish film “Campeones” (Champions) yesterday received three well deserved awards at the Gala of the Goya  Awards 2019. Javier Fesser has managed to convey, in this dramatic comedy, the everyday reality of people with functional diversity and the result has been a film full of love, eagerness to excel, authenticity and loaded with values ​​that has given visibility to a sector of our society that fights for inclusion on a daily basis.

All agree that the acceptance speech given by Jesus Vidal, awarded with the Goya for Best New Artist, was the most exciting of the night. Vidal dedicated the award to everyone without forgetting anyone and his colleagues responded from the audience with the love that characterizes them.

When we interviewed José de Luna, he already told us about the human quality and the teamwork that was felt during the shooting, but last night they transmitted this to everyone when they went on stage to collect the Best Film Award. From all of us here at the Canis Majoris Foundation, we wish to give our most sincere congratulations for the Goya Awards received last night: Best New Artist, Best Original Song and Best Film. We feel identified with this spectacular film that, like us, has set its objective to work for the no difference of the difference.

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