“Data, more to a biography: Miguel de Cervantes. Last greeting on stage ”, fifth presentation of the seminar“ Experience and Creativity ”

On November 27, at 7:00 p.m., Dr. Manuel Bailón will give the presentation:“ Data, more, to a biography: Miguel de Cervantes. Last greeting on stage. ” This paper is included in the “Experience and Creativity” seminar, held at the Gonzalo Casas Pessino Cultural Diffusion Center which began on October 2.

Dr. Manuel Bailón

Born in Madrid 1940, Dr. Manuel Bailón is a doctor, specialist in Psychiatry and Neurology. He studied at the Faculty of Medicine of Calle Atocha and Ciudad Universitaria (Atocha Street and University City) and developed his professional activity at the Old General Hospital in the Psychiatry Service and then at the Psychiatric Hospital of Madrid until 2008.

The presentation, a summary of the birth, life and farewell of the Illustrious writer, is a review of the medical affectations of Cervantes, seasoned with vital moments: a clinical history and something more.

What are the general lines of your presentation?

investigando sus afecciones somáticas, a través de sus obras y proyecciones librescas, prólogos, dedicatorias, a veces autoconfesiones e informes documentales. 

After studying Cervante’s biography, from a Psychopathological perspective, we complement the Cervantine psychosomatic paradigm, by investigating its somatic affectations, through his books and projections of books, prologues, dedications, occasional self-confessions and documentary reports.

Why the choice of character?

I did not choose the character, it was he who introduced himself to me on the stage of life, on Calle Cantarranas (now Lópe de Vega),when I was living in Calle Huertas 30, (30, Huertas Street) in 1940.

What does Cervantes mean to you?

A patient, a friend and an example of a book: a milestone.


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