Dr. Lina Gálvez, speaker at the 6th Annual Canis Majoris Foundation Day: “The Century of Women: progress towards a more egalitarian world”

Dr. Lina Gálvez is one of the speakers who will participate in the Annual Conference that the Foundation is celebrating next January 18, 2019 at 4pm at the Ateneo de Madrid.

She is currently the Acting Regional Minister for Knowledge, Research and University of the Junta de Andalucía. She is a Professor of History and Economic Institutions at the Pablo de Olavide University and a PhD from the European University Institute of Florence. She has been a professor at the universities of Reading, Seville, Carlos III of Madrid, and as a visiting professor at the Center for Time Use Research at the University of Oxford. She has over 100 scientific publications in prestigious journals and editorials. She has directed and participated in numerous networks and research projects, as well as knowledge transfer. The gender perspective is key to all her scientific production and to her social commitment. She has received the Ramón Carande, Meridiana and Emilio Castelar awards.

Under the title “One’s own room to have one’s own consciousness” she will give a presentation in which she will speak to us about the labor situation of  women in recent years.  Dr. Gálvez states that in recent decades millions of women have joined the labor markets, yet they have done so, in many cases, subject to being segregated and various types of discrimination and job insecurity. This process, together with educational advances, has been basic to begin to break patriarchal structures. Therefore, we must work, not only to eliminate gender gaps in the labor market, but to change their functioning and cultures so that people with care responsibilities – mainly women – can enter a last designed for those who are freed from the care of third parties and even of themselves. Having a room of your own is essential to having a consciousness of your own, a feminist consciousness.

Come along to our Day and participate in the debate!

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