Interview with Fernando Nestares

On March 8th at 5:30pm, at the Elena Pessino Center for Cultural Diffusion, the Canis Majoris Foundation will host the exhibition of paintings by Don Fernando Nestares “Aire ya respirado” (Air already breathed) with which the painter tries to express his personal and professional development and take the public on a trip of discovery through color.

What are your expectations from exhibiting this work at the Elena Pessino Center for Cultural Diffusion?

I feel that exhibiting my work at the Elena Pessino Center for Cultural Diffusion is a privilege. The Foundation is far removed from the interests of the Art Galleries and I feel very supported by it in this complex and difficult world of art. Also, I am very attached to the values of the Foundation and the people who comprise it.

What you want to convey with your drawings?

I would like people to see my drawings and the internal remodeling that I have undergone as well as the extent to which I have evolved at a personal and professional level.

When did your interest in art begin?

At an early age I saw my father painting and I helped him with the paint materials. Later, I started drawing small sketches, but I did not know how to use color and my drawings were very dark. I found drawing and painting to be a form of expression.

At first I tried “drip painting” in the manner of Pollock, in black and white, later I began my endless search in the world of Art; reading books by artists, but I lacked the basis of the drawing. Drawing classes with José Luis Azparren managed to get my imagination and my hand on track for research, forming and distorting what was inside me.

I also went to the engraving academy with Teresa Hernández de Alcalá. I then furthered my training with Mª Luisa Domínguez-Gil Santafé who taught me new ways and techniques.

How would you define your work?

I try to synthesize the most, I think simple is beautiful, there’s a phrase that defines what I want to convey: “The future are colors”.

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