Farewell Alicia

On Saturday, January 18, Dr. Alicia Gómez Montano died in Madrid, a journalist of recognized national and international prestige and recently appointed member of the Board of Trustees of the Canis Majoris Foundation.

Alicia’s importance in the world of journalism has been confirmed by the important responsibilities she held in the world of Spanish Public Television Radio, where she directed different spaces related to information. In each and every one of them, Alicia made her mark, which has resulted in a significant legacy comprised of young journalists who convey the values ​​Alicia defended all her life: honesty, humility, integrity, responsibility and professionalism.

The Canis Majoris Foundation has had the enormous privilege of having her as the coordinator of the annual conferences. Thanks to her involvement, Alicia taught us to be much better in the daily exercise of our responsibilities. She made us think, not to conform, to approach the issues from a critical perspective that would allow us to continue growing day by day.

It would be impossible for us to highlight an aspect of Alicia. There are many headlines, articles, columns that have appeared after her death, all of them highlighting the magnitude of her figure.

We can only assure you that her loss leaves us with a huge void, impossible to fill, but that we also learned from her that the important thing is not to stop, to move on and address new challenges. We believe that this is the best tribute we can pay to her and, true to her example, we will work tirelessly so that the Canis Majoris Foundation continues to help all those who have not had a first nor second chance in their lives.

We will always miss you, Alicia.

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