First joint research project with the laboratory of Professor Giacomo Rizzolatti

Mirror neurons represent a type of cell that is activated when individuals perform a determined motor action or when individuals observe someone else performing a similar motor act with a similar objective. This type of neurons has been described in different cerebral regions, suggesting that the mechanism of mirror cells, far from being a feature of the pre-motor cortex, is, in fact, a basic principle of cerebral function. This activity has been recorded using electrophysiological and brain imaging techniques, although the morphological characterization of this cell population, as yet, remains unknown.

The Elena Pessino Laboratory of Neuroscience of Mental Disorders (NEMEP), under the scientific direction of Dr. Raúl Alelú-Paz, together with the laboratory of Professor Giacomo Rizzolatti, who discovered the mirror neurons system and winner of the Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research, have agreed to collaborate on a joint research project that will try to characterize these neurons for the very first time  from within a healthy human brain. The project is funded by the Canis Majoris Foundation.

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