Girls and boys are the future


We all know this equation which is so much a part of our mindset that we rarely stop to think that the only way to change the future is to change girls and boys.

If today we are able to offer them more opportunities, more positive experiences and more constructive experiences, our tomorrow will surely be better.

The whole team; the Board of Trustees,the  President of the Foundation, the Management Team and the entire Team of Professionals working here at the Foundation, are focused on this very important cause. Throughout the year we carry out dozens of different activities of diverse character; the Summer Camp, the Siboney Narrative and Painting Awards, the“Scientist for a day” project, our Animal Assisted Therapies, the School bullying prevention through  stories program, the 0-3 year old Infant-Youth project, the  Art Program for the fight against Psychosocial Exclusion Processes, the Scientific activities such as “Brain DNA Body”, the Canis Majoris Children’s Indoor Soccer Tournament, our continued support for the CAPEMA orphanage in Sikasso, Mali (Africa) and our participation in programs such as 4th ESO (Grade 10) + COMPANY program where there are hundreds of boys and girls (many of whom are at risk of social exclusion), leaving a positive and happy mark on their minds that can serve as a Sign to guide their future.

Today, Wednesday, November 20, we celebrate world Children’s  day. On this special day we wish to raise awareness throughout the international community about the importance of working every day to improve all aspects of the lives of the most disadvantaged children.

Only then will we create a better future for everyone.


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