On  this International Day Against Bullying, the Canis Majoris Foundation defends the importance of anticipating and establishing educational models that work toward the prevention and detection of Bullying in schools.

Prevention is important but, unfortunately, our system is lacking when it comes to establishing protocols for action once a case of harassment has been detected.  There are still centers that do not know how to react when these situations occur and parents and victims are often defenseless against the stalker. It is necessary to raise awareness among the staff at schools that prevention is just as important as a quick and effective reaction, and attention to victims must prevail so that they have the right to be protected by sanctioning any violent behavior and / or harassment.

In March, the Canis Majoris Foundation and the Spanish Association for the Prevention of Bullying (AEPAE) signed an agreement establishing joint work principles in order to improve the situation of people with special vulnerability that have suffered harassment in the school environment.

As a result of this collaboration, this summer we will be imparting a workshop with our therapy dogs at the AEPAE Camp  which will be held in July and whose participants are children who have suffered a situation of serious harassment in the school environment.

Because we understand that a child should only have to smile, we work toward making this a reality so that the near future will bring other projects of collaboration with the AEPAE  which will focus on training in establishing guidelines for prevention and intervention in situations of harassment.

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