International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict

On this day, solidarity is fostered with people who have survived sexual violence in conflicts and suffer the various stigmas that result from this type of violence, often associated with armed groups or having children born of rape at the hands of the enemy. In particular, in 2019, the International Day will call attention to the need for a holistic approach focused on the survivor, strengthening the resilience of affected people and minimizing the risk of re-traumatization, social ostracism, stigma and reprisals.

The effects of sexual violence linked to conflicts, suffered by both, survivors and their children, and are felt for generations due to trauma, stigma, poverty, health problems and unwanted pregnancies, issues discussed in the  journalistic responsibility confererence which was held last September 2018 at the Gonzalo Casas Pessino Cultural Diffusion Center.

In most armed conflicts women’s bodies are used, in a strategy to undermine the morale of the enemy and attack the integrity of the people. Women even become repudiated by their families and fragmenting families thereby re-victimizing them.

From here at the Canis Majoris Foundation, we advocate the importance of focusing the approach toward helping victims from a multidisciplinary perspective, however we also believe that it is essential to recognize the existing gender inequality and provide visibility for all women and children that have been the main victims of armed conflicts throughout both,the world and history.

Under the hashtag #endrapeinwar, we join the movement on social networks in order to denounce this type of violence, defend the rights of the weakest and give visibility to the victims.

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