International Women’s Day March 8

International Women’s Day is here, and from the Canis Majoris Foundation wish to honor all those women who fought, fight and will fight to pursue something that seems so complicated to achieve: equality.

Deaths caused by gender violence in Spain amount to 13 this year stand at 13 up to February, according to the latest count issued by the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality. March already adds another murdered woman which brings the the number of women victims of sexist violence to 14 so far this year. In the year 2019, the statistics for the same period were similar, at 15 women killed and according to a publication of the newspaper La Vanguardia 2019 ended with the highest number of murders for gender violence since 2015 in Spain. These are chilling statistics given that  far from diminishing, they continue to increase.

The data collected at an international level by UN Women is not more promising: the full and equitable participation of women in all areas of society is a fundamental human right and yet, throughout the world, women and girls are considerably underrepresented:

In politics: The representation of women has doubled in the last 25 years. However, this barely represents one woman in four people in parliaments, leaving more than three quarters of the seats occupied by men.
In October 2019, there were only 10 female Heads of State and 13 female Heads of Government in 22 countries. In 1995, there were four Chiefs of State and eight Prime Ministers in 12 countries.

At work: In June 2019, the Fortune 500 list reached a milestone and registered the largest number of women with the position of Director General. However, of the 500 people in executive management positions that lead companies with higher incomes, less than 7% are women.

In Culture and Science: The Nobel Prize, which is awarded annually as recognition of intellectual and academic achievements, has been awarded to more than 900 people during the course of its history. Only 53 of those award-winning people have been women.

In entertainment: In the 92-year history of the Oscar Awards, only five women have been nominated in the Best Director category; Of the five, only one won the prize (Kathryn Bigelow). Jane Campion, on the other hand, remains the only female film director who won the most important and prestigious prize at the Cannes Film Festival, Palme d’or, in its 72-year history.

In sport: Despite progress, women remain excluded from certain sports in some parts of the world and are paid much less than men in salaries and monetary prizes worldwide. In addition, only 22 women (2.2%) of a total of 997 athletes competed in the Olympic Games of the modern era, for the first time, in 1900.

In culinary arts: Although women are assigned stereotypical roles In home cooking, the most prestigious positions in the restaurant industry are relatively alien to female chefs. The figures coincide with the story: currently, less than 4% of all chefs with three Michelin stars that appear in the well-known restaurant guide are women.


The data are clear, leave no doubt and speak for themselves : differences in employment, in unemployment, in pensions, in the distribution of care for homes, children and adults, in professional expectations, in the choice of university careers … What is failing? What steps are being taken towards equal rights? Are prevention, training and awareness measures sufficient?

Because we believe that it is necessary to take more steps forward, the Canis Majoris Foundation team joins the claim of women’s rights and has wanted to make this video for and for them. Because each step, makes us advance to ALL AND ALL.


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