June 14th, National Day of Spanish Sign Languages

On June 14, the National Day of Spanish Sign Languages ​​is celebrated, with the objective to promote its dissemination and normalize its use.

The right to use and learn this language has been an arduous path for the user community of sign language in Spain. It is about equating linguistic rights and eliminating language barriers so that all citizens of different languages ​​have access to the same information. Communication, social relations, the transmission of knowledge, are all fundamental aspects in any society and language barriers do not contribute to their development.

To commemorate this day, we interviewed Ruth Encabo, player of the female indoor soccer team of the Sports Club of the Deaf “Alcalá de Henares”, whose sponsor is the Canis Majoris Foundation.

Ruth has been with the team for 3 years, which makes her one of the most veteran players. One noteworthy aspect of her game in the field is the collaboration she shows with the rest of her teammates.

What has it meant for you to belong to the futsal indoor football team?

It has allowed me to have new experiences and also to have the opportunity to do the sport that I like.

What difficulties have you encountered throughout your sporting life?

The biggest difficulty I have encountered has been learning the rules of the game due to lack of communication.

What have been the greatest achievements made by the team?

Having been runner-up in the Spanish championship.

What has the Canis Majoris Foundation sponsorship meant for the team?

The help provided by the sponsorship of the Canis Majoris Foundation is important for the team, and I greatly value the work they do in Animal Assisted Therapies.


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