Laura Baena, Founder of the Malasmadres Club, speaker at the VI Canis Majoris Foundation Annual Conference

We present the third speaker to participate in the 6th Annual Conference of the Canis Majoris Foundation on January 18 at 4:00 p.m. at the Ateneo de Madrid and under the title “The Century of Women: progress towards a more egalitarian world “.

Laura Baena Fernández (Málaga, 1981), Founder of the Malasmadres Club, (Badmoms Club) She has two “goodgirls”, aged 6 and 3. Creative director in advertising, born communicator, lecturer and author of the book “Soy buena malamadre” (I´m a good Badmom) (2015 – Lunwerg).

In 2014, she founded the Club de Malasmadres when she felt like a “Malamadre” when he realized that the social model of mothers is obsolete. Her individual feeling of “Malamadre” connects with that of many current women giving rise to an emotional community, which struggles to demystify motherhood and break the myth of “the perfect mother”.

Laura Baena is one of the TOP 100 Women Leaders in Spain 2016 and in 2018, she received the prize from  MAS  “Women to Follow “, in the Media category, in 2017, the” Victoria “Award of AMUPEMA in 2017 and is one of the 75 Women Entrepreneurs of reference in Spain, also receiving the recognition of ” Entrepreneur of the Year ” by the Junta de Extremadura at the third Gala of the  Women, Sports and Business Awards in 2017. She

will carry her message which is  “I do not renounce” to the Canis Majoris Foundation Annual Conference , where  in her  lecture  titled “Renunciation is not a solution”, she will denounce the lack of conciliation which is a social problem and that there is a struggle for a change that necessarily involves the commitment of three social agents: State, companies and family.


The Club de Malasmadres. The success of connecting with a social need. From a tweet to a social movement.

It is a 3.0 emotional community of mothers who are very sleepy, have little free time, an allergy to clutter and desire to change the world. Born three years ago with a personal twitter account: @malasmadres, with the aim of demystifying motherhood and breaking with the myth of “the perfect mother”. Laura Baena, its founder, felt the need to share her vision of  real motherhood, which claimed a new social model of motherhood. Mothers who struggle not to lose their identity as a woman and who laugh at their failed attempts to be perfect mothers. From an individual feeling to connecting with a social need and then becoming a trend movement with a sense of humor  which breaks stereotypes. A community that already brings together more than 500,000 mothers in social networks and who has become a speaker of a generation, its problems and interests. With a common struggle: conciliation. Because they are mothers who do not want to give up their professional career and do not want to give up watching their children grow up. Under the motto #yonorenuncio they have been fighting for more than two years, getting 300,000 signatures in their petition on  It has become a lobby on women’s issues, equality and motherhood. Currently from the Yo No Renuncio Association (I Do not Renounce) that they have created,  advocating in favour of  conciliation, that they have created and after two years of social and political activism, they are working in favor of a National Plan for Conciliation with the Commission of Equality with its campaign called On October 7 they celebrated the 1st obstacle course “I do not renounce” promoting conciliation, which united 3,000 Malasmadres for the same social problem in Alcobendas and in more than 30 cities in Spain.

 In addition, through their project “School of Malasmadres”, they support entrepreneur mothers who have decided to bet on their projects to allow them to reconcile their work and families.

The Club de Malasmadres has gradually become a pressure group on issues of maternity and conciliation in Spain.  This has led  to the founding of  the Association “I Do not Resign”  to continue fighting for conciliation in this country, focusing the objectives since 2017 on co-responsibility with the project “We are a Team”.



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