“Make your cents serve”: The Foundation does not forget Africa

CAPEMA Orphanage

The CAPEMA Orphanage (Center d’Accueil pour la Protection, l’Education Des Enfants en Situation Difficiles et des Aides Ménageres, hereinafter CAPEMA), is located in Sikasso, Mali, one of the most conflictive countries of the African continent. The Canis Majoris Foundation began to collaborate with the orphanage in March 2018 and, since then, has made various contributions to make it possible for the children who reside there to enjoy the advantages of living in a place where they have access to services. basic as food and education.

The first part of the project has been a success and we tell you why: with the creation of a farm of their own, the orphanage of basic food has been self-sufficient, and, in addition, with the sale of the surplus, they are getting benefits to make against the daily expenses of the Orphanage, thus contributing to the economic autonomy of the center, which directly affects an improvement in the quality of life of the children who live there.

In gratitude for this collaboration, the CAPEMA Orphanage have named the farm: “Granja Canis Majoris” (Canis Majoris Farm)

Unfortunately, they still have a shortage of certain foods and the babies in the orphanage do not have the minimum amount of milk daily for their proper development, so the next project will consist of the expansion of the farm and the purchase of more animals for the production of cow’s milk.

“Granja Canis Majoris”

A further proposal as a future project is the construction of classrooms and the development of training programs that will facilitate access to education for children residing in the orphanage,  because nowadays, they have to travel a great distance with all the dangers that entails, simply in order to go to school.

From  here at the Foundation, we want this to become a reality, so we have launched a campaign in order to raise the necessary funds and continue working so that the children of CAPEMA can continue to increase their quality of life. We have placed a total of 60 money donation boxes in different establishments to reach the funding objective amounting to  19,999€.


Make your cents serve!

Help us to ensure that the children of CAPEMA have a more hopeful future.

Access the campaign link


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