Make your cents serve!

Where will your cents go?

Toward the construction of classrooms and the development of training programs which facilitate access to education for the minors who reside in the CAPEMA orphanage. They currently have to travel a great distance to go to school, with all the dangers that this directly entails for the 255 children who are at constant risk. These children will greatly benefit from this project.

How much money do we need?

To carry out this project, the CAPEMA Orphanage needs only € 19,999.99.

What have we done so far?

Since March 2018, the Canis Majoris Foundation has made various contributions for the purchase of laying hens and pairs of rabbits, as well as the necessary material for the construction of the respective pens. The first part of the project has been a success with the creation of a farm of their own, the orphanage has been self-sufficient of basic food, and, in addition, with the sale of the surplus, they are able to help offset the daily expenses of the Orphanage, thus contributing to the economic autonomy of the center, which directly makes an improvement in the quality of life of the children who live there.


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Current status of the campaign?

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Total Raised:

4.542 €

Reaching the Target:

15.457 €

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Frequently asked questions:

Who is behind this campaign?

The Canis Majoris Foundation in collaboration with the CAPEMA orphanage (Center d’Accueil pour la Protection, l’Education Des Enfants in Situation Difficiles et des Aides Ménagéres).


Where is the CAPEMA Orphanage?

The CAPEMA orphanage is located in the Sikasso region, which is located south of Mali, being one of the 8 administrative regions of the country. The region borders to the south with Ivory Coast, to the east with Burkina Faso and to the west with the Republic of Guinea, which makes Sikasso a region where the cultures of West Africa are reflected and determining the city as a true crossroads. However, this proximity to coastal countries makes Mali one of the main pathways for the trafficking of people as well as drugs or weapons. The exact address of the orphanage is: Center d’Accueil pour la Protection, l’Education Des Enfants in Situation Difficiles et des Aides Ménagères Wayerma1; Rue: 45; Porte: 229 BP: 18 Sikasso Mali.

How can I be sure that my contributions really reach their destination?

If you have made a private donation, you can request your donation certificate, by writing an email to with your name surnames (company name), the amount donated and some form of identification number (DNI, NIE, Passport number). If you have collaborated using the money/coin collection boxes, you can follow (on this web page) the amount of the collection that is updated every time these are collected from the establishments. If you have collaborated in a Crowdfunding campaign, you can follow the situation of the campaign in the original web pages visited as well as  on this web page.

I wish to put a money/coin collection jar at my center or work center

Thank you very much for your interest in the “Make your cents serve” campaign. We will be very   happy to collaborate with you. For free delivery of the money/coin collection box, please contact us by calling: 91 023 84 78 or send an email to

I wish to make a private donation

Thank you very much for your interest in the campaign “Make your cents serve”, if you wish to donate any amount you can do so through a bank transfer with the word: Africa, to the following account:


CIF: G86214749
BANK: SABADELL. ADDRESS C/Electrodo, 48 EDIFICIO Sister II. Pol. Ind. Santa Ana, Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid.
IBAN: ES71 0081 0530 5100 0144 1450 SWIFT: BSABESBB

Do not forget to request your donation certificate by calling 91 023 84 78 or sending us an email to:

I wish to talk to you

We are at your disposal to answer any questions during business hours from Monday to Thursday from 10:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-4:00pm and Friday from 10:00-13:00pm. You can call us at 91 023 84 78 or by writing an email to: and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your kind donation

Gonzalo Manuel Casas Pessino, Dr. Raúl Alelú-Paz, Cristina Alelú Paz, Miriam Paz Soldevilla, Susana Ocampos Martín, Beatriz Paz Soldevilla, Paulino Alelú López, María José Díaz Pascual, Oscar García García, Patricia Pantaleón Menéndez, Diana Calero Paz, Miguel Ocampos Martín, Carolina Pantaleón Menéndez, Andrés Paz López and Lara Carpintero Alelú.

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