March 1, Zero Discrimination Day

Today, March 1, we celebrate Zero Discrimination Day. On this day, the Canis Majoris Foundation joins the global movement that calls for anyone on Earth to have a full, productive and dignified life, fostering tolerance, compassion and peace, thus ending any kind of discrimination.

This year, Zero Discrimination Day focuses its campaign on action against discriminatory laws:A person may suffer discrimination because of their medical condition, race, gender identity or sexual orientation, which has serious effects on both the individual and the whole of society “.

For this reason, a just society has the obligation to guarantee through legislation that this does not happen. Unfortunately, in many modern societies there are still laws that discriminate against many people by penalizing some behavior or hindering access to basic services.

At the Canis Majoris Foundation we work daily and put all our effort into giving visibility to the most disadvantaged groups through our programs aimed at helping all those people with functional diversity and/or at risk of psychosocial exclusion.

Thanks to the Elena Pessino Gómez del Campo Scholarships, we support Spanish university students with functional diversity to achieve their academic objectives, establishing positive actions for this group to achieve training and access, on equal terms, to the world of work.

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