May 25, Africa Day

“May 25 is a date of great importance for the African continent and its people, since it marked the beginning of its history as different countries, societies and cultures”

The Foundation does not forget Africa and currently, we have several projects underway in the African continent. At the beginning of 2018, the Foundation made a donation to the ROOTS team in Liberia, where 83% of the population lives on less than $ 1.25 per day. Its mission is to train the youngest population in sustainable agricultural production techniques and a better use of fertilizers to fight pests, thus improving the productivity of crops and teaching them a trade to earn a decent living. With our contribution we want to support the training of the youngest and provide them with the option to improve their future.

In addition, since 2018, the Foundation has been collaborating with the CAPEMA orphanage in Sikasso (Mali) where  76 orphans aged between 1 and 5 reside, although  the orphanage serves more than 100 children in the area. These children in a risk situation and the center is a safe and peaceful place for them.

The projects are aimed, on the one hand, at enabling them to obtain their own resources for self-sufficiency as they are able to trade with the surpluses and thus enhance the economic autonomy of the orphanage.Added to this is  the construction of educational classrooms so that the children who reside in the orphanage are not forced to travel long distances to go to school with all the dangers that this entails.

The first milestone of the project was passed in November 2018, which is the date when the “Canis Majoris” Farm was inaugurated. Thanks to the breeding of birds, the farm is able to supply the orphanage with eggs and chicken. In addition, through the sale of the surplus produce they are obtaining benefits to help face the daily expenses of food, that the children who reside in the orphanage have, especially milk, thus contributing, within their possibilities, to a healthy and varied diet. Perhaps the most important benefit of this is that they have managed to achieve self-financing by 60%.

At the beginning of 2019 we launched the campaign “Make your cents serve”, in order to raise the necessary funds and continue working so that the children of CAPEMA can continue to increase their quality of life. We have placed a total of 60 piggy banks in different establishments to achieve the funding objective amounting to € 19,999.

Click on the link to the campaign to find out what we have raised to date and collaborate!

Last May 11, we received news from the CAPEMA Orphanage in Sikasso (Mali), where we were told that, thanks to the last contribution made by the Foundation, they had bought a pair of oxen that will help in the plowing tasks on the farm.

Unfortunately, they still have a shortage of milk and the babies in the orphanage do not have the daily minimum amount of milk needed for their proper development. Buying milk in Sikasso is practically a luxury since it is one of the most expensive foods there. The next objective will be oriented toward the purchase of animals for milk production and classroom construction.

There is still a lot of work ahead and many things to do so that the children of Sikasso have access to education and a diet that not only covers their basic needs. From the Foundation we will continue working so that each of the proposed projects can be carried out.

Do you join us?


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