Moon is a male Jack Russell Terrier that was purchased in October 2014 at the Torre la Sabina breeder. Moon is the third animal member of the Foundation. Based on the first results, we can see that he will be an excellent therapy dog. Already, at only three months of age, he participates in the therapy programs that are carried out in various centers of the Community of Madrid.

Moon was carefully selected by the AAT team at the Foundation from among his six brothers, as he was the most sociable and demonstrated the best ease of empathy with people. He will be raised by his trainer Ernesto Ares with whom he lives in order to undergo therapy training to help people with special needs that require his help.

Jack Russell

The Jack Russell is a small sized dog breed of English origin that can weigh up to 5-6 kilograms, with a height of 27-35 centimeters. The coat is normally three coloured, white, brown and black, with fine, semi-coarse and coarse textures.

When describing their temperament and character, Jack Russels are intrepid, brave and confident dogs. They are also very energetic, bright and intelligent, very friendly with people, especially children. They make an excellent therapy dog requiring daily training.