Natural awards: your dog deserves the best

Today, there is a wide variety of dog foods: raw or cooked, frozen or fresh and with different presentations: wet food, dehydrated, in croquettes, etc.

The component that should never be missing in your animal’s diet will always be meat or fish, fresh or dehydrated, but always choose quality foods.


To be able to choose the best food and what suits your dog best, observe his digestions carefully. We should also bear in mind that whenever we change food we do so gradually, using between 7 and 10 days to make the transition. The daily food should preferably be given in 2 or 3 feedings. Depending on the caloric contribution of the food, we will give them a more or less copious ration. Another fundamental aspect is the exercise that our dog does and its metabolism.

If we observe persistent digestive problems, we will go to the vet to rule out possible allergies or intolerances. Also, we must take into account that even if a food is of a known brand, expensive or feels good to other dogs, it does not mean that it will be the most appropriate for our dog.

There are many foods in our diet that are suitable for dogs, but there are many that are not recommended at all, and can lead to intoxication. That is why we will not give them the remains of our meals.

These are some of the foods they can eat (Watch out for the most caloric, fatty or badly felt if consumed in excess). They will be provided in small quantities or in a punctual way, avoiding their consumption if there is overweight or veterinary contraindications.

Meat and fish.

Vegetables: carrots, spinach, pumpkin, zucchini, pepper and beetroot.




Fruits: apple, pear, watermelon, papaya, red fruits, pomegranate and mango. Banana and strawberries in moderation. The fruit will be given peeled and seedless.

Natural yogurt and no sweeteners. In moderation.


Peanut butter is an excellent option for filling interactive toys. In moderation.

Cheese, low fat, solid as a spread. In moderation.


Rewards and chews.

When offering our dog a reward, both on a whim and to work on behavior and/or reinforce behaviors, which is the best choice? The offer is wide and we must take into account the following recommendations:

If this type of prize is very frequent or daily, the ideal is that they are natural, without additives. If you have the time, it would be perfect to prepare the “heart” or “liver awards”, which we will explain below.

This contribution will be an extra in their diet and we will have to adjust the amount of daily food ration according to the prizes they receive, to avoid overweight. On the other hand, if they are offered in a punctual way we can be not so demanding at the time of choosing them and opt for the one that our dogs like the most, without neglecting the quality.

The chews, if possible, will also be natural, there are from chicken legs, thighs or dehydrated cod to nerves, tendons…,etc., available in specialized stores.

Can I give my dog bones? No. Cooked bones should never be given to your dog, as they can splinter a lot and be dangerous. The safest thing is to buy those that come already prepared or are indicated for dogs such as antlers (deer antlers that the animal itself changes and abandons). As for the prepared bones, we will always look for the healthiest and most natural alternative. The bones that are sold in bulk, without a label, we will hardly be able to know what they are made of.

Cooking for your dog.

Cooking for they will be the real way to make sure about what our dogs eats. In addition, you can give them the shape and size you like and decorate it with their favourite creams or toppings.

It will be a pleasure for them to see how we get down to work and we will give them, in addition to our time, some delicious recipes. Your dog can be an excellent helper and will be delighted to try all your recipes.

The following recipes accept an infinite number of modifications and dressings according to their needs and preferences. Use your imagination to create your own combinations and surprise your best friend:

Liver or heart awards.


Liver or heart, the amount you want because if there are any left over you can freeze them.


First we will leave the oven preheating to 180 ºC.

We will put to heat the sufficient amount of water as to cover it. Once it is boiling, put the hearts and liver in the water and let it boil for 10 minutes.

Then we will take it out and we will rinse it with water, it is necessary to retire the possible excess that it has loosened.

We will cut it in small pieces, according to the size of prizes you want for your dog.

Finally, we will place it on a baking sheet in a tray and bake it for 25-30 minutes.

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