New news from the CAPEMA Orphanage in Sikasso

We have been informed that  the CAPEMA orphanage in Sikasso (Mali) is reaching the  first milestone of the project thanks to the purchase of animals they made last year they: self-financing the center with the sale of surpluses.

We must keep in mind that thanks to the contributions that the Canis Majoris Foundation and various private patrons who  have contributed to the project, the center has obtained a series of resources of first necessity (food and materials) with the first objective of self-sufficiency and second with which to be able commercialize, thus furthering the economic autonomy of the orphanage.

In this way, they have been able to rehabilitate the exterior of the orphanage that was badly damaged by the passing of time and, due to recent floods, the condition of which was already deplorable and dangerous for the children residing there.

The exterior of the rehabilitated orphanage

Another news item that we are proud of, is that one of the cows that they acquired last year to supply milk to the children of the orphanage has given birth to a calf, and has done so  thanks to a cycle of artificial insemination, which is a great advance for the center.

From the Canis Majoris Foundation, we work to make the orphanage projects come true and with the campaign“Make your cents serve”, we continue to raise the necessary funds so that the children of CAPEMA can continue to improve their quality of life.

¡Haz que tus céntimos sirvan! (make your cents serve)

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