New workshops and Multispecies Therapies adapted and customized for educational centers in Madrid and the Province of Toledo

Due to the great demand we have had in the last year, the Social Intervention Unit of the Canis Majoris Foundation has developed different Animal Assisted Education (AAE) activities in educational centers of the Community of Madrid.

Among the different activities offered by the AAE program are the multi-species workshops and Assisted Therapies with dogs and raptors, which adapt to the needs of the center and students with the aim of offering an empowering, unique and unforgettable experience.

Our success lies in the fact that animals are great motivators of change and by not judging the users they establish a special link that enables the development of social and personal skills that leads to the achievement of curricular objectives.

We customize each workshop according to the characteristics of the students and their needs so that of the workshops and each of our animals, can teach the participants something new about themselves in relation to their personal and social skills that they in turn can then put into practice in different areas of their lives, thereby improving their relationships with others, self-esteem, self-confidence and  communication among other skills.


Meet our team and get in touch with us so that one of our therapists can guide you and adapt the workshops to the needs of your center and your students.


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