Next exhibition by Íñigo Martín, author of “Entre dos aguas”(Between two waters”

Íñigo Martín Hernández

Íñigo Martín Hernández was born in Madrid in 1965,where he began to take an interest in photography at the age of 15, an interest that runs in his family, as his two sisters had art galleries and two other brothers were painter and sculptor respectively. He was always surrounded by art, although, as stated, his interest in this world did not awaken until he was 15 years old. He trained at the Madrid School of Communication, Image and Sound and at the age of 20, Iñigo began working as an assistant to the fashion and advertising photographer, Julio Moya, after which he continued to develop his professional career with the photographer Ouka Leele, with whom he worked as a photo assistant. With these influences, he decided to set up his own studio, dedicating himself professionally to advertising and artistic photography, exhibiting in the Flecha Agency and other national art galleries (Palestra, Art CB 23, AD-HOC, Casa Do Brazil), alternating with contributions in magazines such as Marie Claire, collaborator of the book “Spanish Style”, collaborator in firms such as Porcelanosa and Galerías de subastas (Fortuny).

His work will be exhibited on February 25 at the  Gonzalo Casas Pessino Cultural Diffusion Center under the title “Entre dos aguas” (Between two waters).With this exhibition, he aims to convey the beauty that exists within nature by playing with color and light and capturing this in the pictures. His photos denote his love of the sea and nature. His works are defined by the silent beauty that nature offers us every day, demonstrating through simplicity the grandeur of his gift. The sea that bathes Galicia and Morocco is his great source of inspiration.

His work is a reflection of the love he feels for nature and especially for the sea, his refuge.


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