Next meeting of the Clinical Neuroscience Research Group (GINC-CAM): Autoimmune Encephalitis

On Monday 4th of February at 5:00 pm, the Clinical Neuroscience Research Group of Madrid will hold a meeting at the facilities of the Canis Majoris Foundation.

Belén Sánchez Martín-Moreno

On this occasion, psychiatrist and forensic doctor Belén Sánchez Martín-Moreno will lead the discussion which will explore one of the hot frontiers of neuropsychiatry: autoimmune encephalitis. It is a group of conditions that challenge our classification systems as well as the usual diagnostic methods.

Since 2010, Belén Sánchez Martín-Moreno has held several positions related to research, legal and forensic medicine and psychiatry, in prestigious public and private institutions. Currently working as a psychiatrist at the La Antigua Clinic in Guadalajara.


Gonzalo Casas Pessino Cultural Diffusion Center

Canis Majoris Foundation

Calle de Bárbara de Braganza 10, bjo izq.

Date: Monday, February 4 at 5:00 p.m.

Free attendance until full capacity reached


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