Next Meeting of the Madrid Research Group on Clinical Neuroscience: “Chronobiology of Behavior”

On 17th April the Canis Majoris Foundation welcomes the Madrid Clinical Neuroscience Research Group (GINC-CAM ) at its premises- the Elena Pessino Center for Cultural Diffusion by convening a meeting which will welcome a special guest, Dr. Eduardo Barbet de Cura, psychiatrist and psychotherapist at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital, with wide and extensive training in mental health who will discuss “Chronobiology of Conduct”.

The meeting will deal with challenging topics such as the influence of circadian rhythms in personality, the genetic legacy of the Neanderthal, or how the synchronization of external rhythms and internal biological rhythms will be addressed, discussing how these may be an important factor in explaining part of the genesis of various disorders, including mental disorders.

When: Tuesday, April 17th, at 5:30pm.

Where: Canis Majoris Foundation, calle Barbara de Braganza, 10. 1º izquierda (Metro/Subway stops: Colón or Chueca, local train station: Recoletos stop).

Free admission (subject to maximum capacity).

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