We carry out therapy, education and leisure programs with animals, with the aim of working at different levels: physical and motor, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and relational to improve the quality of life of people with functional diversity and / or at risk of psychosocial exclusion.

  • Assisted Animal Interventions. (Dogs or raptors)
  • Multispecies interventions
  •  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) interventions


Workshops Workshop offering a very wide range of educational activities. Each activity works different personal and social skills of the participants through the help of our animals.

  • Canine Educational Workshop
  • Raptors Educational
  • Multispecies Educational Workshop
  • Multiespecies Workshop in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Canine and / or Multispecies Extracurricular Workshop

Workshop in which we will teach children canine education skills, in addition through this activity we will work different social skills.

Multispecies Social Skills Workshop

Workshop oriented to work different social skills in children with our dogs and raptors.

Teacher Training Workshop

A workshop that aims to train the center’s professionals in animal Assisted Interventions and teach their worth to achieve different objectives with the students.



The urban camp, Mi Aventura Majoris (My Majoris Adventure)

Urban camp whose main objective is the experimentation, fun and learning of children. We offer a different and original educational intervention, adapted to the needs of the area, where educational, recreational, emotional and social aspects are combined.


Indoor soccer and basketball tournament

Sports activities for people with functional diversity. The integration of adults or minors from different groups is worked on.



Technician and expert course in animal Assisted Intervention

80-hour theory and practical hands-on course which includes 8 hours of real practices carried out at centers belonging to the Community of Madrid.

Introductory course in Animal Assisted Interventions in gender violence

6-hour theory and practical classroom course taught by a psychologist specializing in gender violence.

Responsible education and possession of the puppy and young dog

5-hour course consisting of 5 modules where we will treat the different stages of the dog development that are so important for its future behavior.

Separation anxiety course for dogs

3-hour course where we will teach you everything you need to know about this pathology so you can help your dog overcome this problem.

Sowing a future

Course for the unemployed oriented toward the environment, more specifically to the development of orchards and gardening activities.


Its poop is your responsibility

Municipal authorities are faced with a lot of dog litter in public streets. We propose to analyze the DNA of each registered dog at the Elena Pessino Gómez del Campo Neuroscience Laboratory to identify dog owners who do not clean up their pet’s feces.

Breed identification chip

The health and vaccination record of each dog will include by blood test of the breed or breeds of which a dog is composed. A report will be issued detailing the characteristics of that breed, with its temperament, possible illnesses, care and what role it can play in a home or at work.