The Canis Majoris Foundation and the Spanish Association for the Prevention of Bullying (AEPAE), have signed a collaboration agreement in which it was agreed to establish joint working lines to improve the situation of people with major vulnerability that have suffered harassment in the school environment.

Bullying is an issue that concerns all of us, affecting our younger population and more and more children are affected by this situation. At the Annual Conference of the Foundation in 2017 we discussed bullying and, unfortunately is a very current issue, this year we dealt with the same subject but the situation has been aggravated by further extension in social networks and Internet, cyberbullying, grooming and sexting in situations where our teenagers are suffering at an increasingly younger age and where we have seen that the proposed solutions still have a long road ahead, along with increasingly serious consequences.

The AEPAE struggles to prevent bullying but it also acts once the situation of harassment has occurred, providing the families and victims withthe necessary tools to address the situation.

With the signing of this agreement the Foundation wishes to continue working directly helping the people the most vulnerable people in situations who have suffered from this in the school setting and in establishing solutions through research and / or training.

From left to right, Angel Sancha (Head of Institutional Relations of the Canis Majoris Foundation) and Enrique Perez-Carrillo (President of the AEPAE)





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