The Bullying Prevention through stories project begins

Last January 21st marked the beginning of the School (0-3 year stage) Bullying Prevention through stories project in collaboration with the Community of Madrid, aimed at teaching staff of nursery schools. The Canis Majoris Foundation has launched this important project, a pioneer in the world, to prevent school bullying in the 0-3 year stage, given that this period represents a fundamental stage that will determine the subsequent development of the person to a great extent .

The main objective of the project consists in the training of the teaching staff of the Infant Schools in order to educate the children of 0-3 years of age to recognize their own emotions, handle them in an adequate way and be able to develop a correct empathy to serve as prevention of future behavior related to bullying.

The training, which will consist of 20 hours in total, will take place during the month of January at the facilities of the Canis Majoris Foundation. The project has established an experimental design in which standardized tests have been included to carry out the evaluation of the different groups and in the different phases of the project in order to enable us to comprehensively analyze the proposed objective and the actions carried out. We hope to have the data evaluated and publish the results in the month of July.

De izqda a dcha, los psicólogos Timanfaya Hernández y José Antonio Luengo

The training is carried out by professional experts who have been selected according to the objectives and contents of the course: José Antonio Luengo, Bachelor of Psychology, Psychologist expert in Educational Psychology specialized in School Bullying, Expert in Educational Intervention in problematic educational centers and Specialist in Early Assistance. He currently works as a Psychologist of the School Bullying Prevention Team with the General Sub Directorate of Educational Inspection of the Ministry of Education in the Community of Madrid. Timanfaya Hernández: Psychologist from UCM with Clinical specialty. Master in Forensic and Penitentiary Psychology. She currently works as a psychologist in a private center and collaborates as a psychologist in the Victim Assistance Service of the City of Leganés. Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of victims of crimes and misdemeanors, Psychologist-Evaluator of the Community of Madrid in the system of training accreditations for the Ministry of Health. Patricia del Olmo Muñoz, Diploma in Teaching and Infant Education, Teaching Master in Respectful Accompaniment, Leisure and Free Time Monitor and Diploma in Cinematographic Interpretation. Currently working as a teacher in the private schools sector. Rosa Puga, Bachelor of Journalism, Master’s Degree in Advanced Theater Studies, Degree in Musical Interpretation, Degree in Artistic Interpretation.


Students in the course

Unfortunately, the phenomenon of bullying has experienced a growing interest because it affects our youngest population and is having serious consequences. From here at the Canis Majoris Foundation, we believe that it must be prevented from the earliest stage, from 0 to 3 years, since the child already begins to form part of a stable group of equals, participating in activities organized and directed to an end. Therefore, it is in preschool where the child will experience, beyond their home, the inherent difficulties of any social interaction.


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