The Canis Majoris Foundation and the Senara Foundation sign a collaboration framework agreement

On February 18, the Canis Majoris and the Senara Foundation signed a collaboration framework agreement for the development of projects, programs and / or joint activities that foster access to the workforce and contribute to the improvement of society.

The Senara Foundation is a non-profit organization that began operating in 1997 with the aim of supporting people with limited resources and, especially, those at risk of social exclusion and / or with functional diversity by developing programs aimed at  providing access to the workforce,  youth, women, family issues  and volunteering.

The Canis Majoris Foundation and the Senara Foundation, have been part of a working group formed within the framework of the “Solidarity Talent Challenge” program, an initiative organized by the Botín Foundation whose objective is to promote innovative projects against child poverty in Spain. Together with three other entities: the Laudito Si Foundation, the Cantabria Mediation Association (AMECAN) and the Dragones de Lavapiés Association, they have developed the “SoyEstel” project, aimed at reducing the rates of school failure amog the most disadvantaged groups and that after months of hard work, it has been chosen as the winner in the final call held on February 6th.

With the signing of this agreement, we hope to continue collaborating with the Senara Foundation within the lines of action of both entities and we continue to establish synergies with other entities that make it possible to improve the quality of life of those who need it most.








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