The Canis Majoris Foundation is part of the Coordination Committee for the Sectoral Working Group on Health, Research and Welfare

On Monday, December 3, the Canis Majoris Foundation attended the meeting to establish the Coordination Committee of the Working Group on Sectorial Health, Research and Welfare, held at the headquarters of the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF)

Once the Coordination Committee was established, the calendar of meetings was established where the Foundations that are part of this Sectorial Working Group will work to promote research and knowledge about the work being carried out in the field of health.

Foundations should reflect on the role we should play in the coming years and promote the development and inception of initiatives aimed at promoting citizen participation in these matters of general interest.

On the coming 18th and 31st of January, the Canis Majoris Foundation will host the next meeting of the Sectorial Working Group and the Plenary of the Coordination Committee, respectively.

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