The Canis Majoris Foundation joins the Erasmus + program for the academic year 2019-2020

The Erasmus + program is designed to support the efforts of the participating countries to efficiently utilize the potential of European human and social talent in accordance with the principle of lifelong learning, linking support with formal, non-formal and informal learning in the fields of education, training and youth. On another aspect, the program improves opportunities for cooperation and mobility with partner countries, especially in the areas of higher education and youth.

The Canis Majoris Foundation will participate in the Erasmus + program during the 2019-2020 academic year and, in October, the Elena Pessino Gómez del Campo Neuroscience Laboratory will host a student from the University of Manchester who will participate in the research project on Epigenetics and mental disorder. The program will be structured in three basic areas: Fundamentals of molecular biology with a focus on epigenetic mechanisms, psychopathology and cellular models for research on mental disorders and interactions between epigenetics and the environment to develop a mental disorder.

With these initiatives we aim to promote synergies and mutual enrichment between the different fields of education and training, promoting new ideas, attracting new agents and favoring new forms of cooperation.


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