The Canis Majoris Foundation member of the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO)

The cognitive, physical and social benefits obtained through animals in therapy have been proven, and at the Canis Majoris Foundation we believe that it is of vital importance that this type of intervention be regulated, thus ensuring good practice in the sector. For this reason, throughout 2019, the Foundation’s Social Intervention team created and coordinated a working group formed with three other relevant entities. in the sector of Animal Assisted Interventions(AAI), the main objective being to establish an official regulation of the figure of the therapy dog in Spain.

We also consider it essential to do so at a European level, together with other leading organizations in Europe and therefore, since March 2020, we form part of the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (hereinafter IAHAIO).

IAHAIO is made up of more than 90 leading associations from different European and international countries dedicated to the practice, research and / or education in animal-assisted activities, animal-assisted therapy and training of service animals. The creation in 1977 of this organization represented a great advance in the formalization of this type of activities and in the promotion of the results researched in this sector.

This alliance marks a major step forward in our contribution to improving the field of Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI). Only three associations from Spain have been admitted to the IAHAIO, and the Canis Majoris Foundation is one of them. We will work in collaboration with the entities that form part of this organization, not only at the European level, but also internationally, to promote new research in the field of AAI, establish synergies with the different IAHAIO entities, and work with the governing bodies responsible for decision-making related to  the relevant regulation.


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