The Canis Majoris Foundation will carry out Animal Assisted Leisure activities for people with functional diversity in August

With the arrival of summer and to alleviate the effects of confinement, the Canis Majoris Foundation has launched Animal Assisted Leisure activities aimed at people with functional diversity. During the second half of August, a team from the Foundation together with 10 people with a diagnosis of severe brain damage will enjoy seven days in the Sierra de Madrid that will make them forget these days of confinement due to COVID-19.

Today the concept of leisure and free time is considered as a fundamental element to measure the quality of life of a person. Confinement has been a turning point for everyone, but for people with functional diversity it has been a huge change to adapt to in a very short time, affecting their daily routines and needs. With this initiative, Canis Majoris continues its work to improve the quality of life of the people who need it most and, in this case, when they need it most, providing them with a healthy leisure space, where they can enjoy free time in touch  with nature.

Throughout these days, various workshops will be held where we will learn how to make toys for dogs, and also carry out leisure sessions with the Foundation’s canine co-therapists with recreational objectives and personal enjoyment. We will also fly and feed two Harris eagles and learn more about this species’ characteristics. There  will also be moments of fun in the pool, as well as moments of rest under the shade of the trees.

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