The CEO of the Canis Majoris Foundation, Dr. Raúl Alelú-Paz, receives the 2020 CEO Award in the category of “Social Action”

On Tuesday, March 3, the CEO of the Canis Majoris Foundation and Director of the Elena Pessino Gómez del Campo Neuroscience Laboratory, Dr. Raúl Alelú-Paz received the 2020 CEO Award in the category of “Social Action”.

This award is organized by the CEO Club and within the framework of its annual congress which values ​​and recognizes the growth and innovation that each of the Executive Presidents, CEOs, General Managers, or Top Level Managers of the most important organizations have achieved in their country. The CEO Club is a meeting point for ideas, for information exchange, with the aim of creating an organized, private, independent, autonomous development space with a code of shared conduct, which links entrepreneurs and first executives to express their interests, passions and ideas.

In the category CEO of the year 2020 “Social Action”, Carmen Valera (Executive President of Burson Cohn & Wolfe, Spain and member of the awards jury panel), presented the prize in recognition to Dr. Alelú-Paz for his work, developed mainly in our country and for the actions carried out by the Canis Majoris Foundation under his direction, which have meant, according to the criteria established by the jury, an improvement in our society, serving as an example for other CEOs and companies in Spain. Together with Dr. Raúl Alelú-Paz, Jon Patxi Lerga, CEO of the Sifu Group, was eligible for the award.

Dr. Raúl Alelú-Paz also leads the Elena Pessino Gómez del Campo Neuroscience Laboratory since its creation in 2014 and is in charge of the Management of the Canis Majoris Foundation since the beginning of 2016. Dr. Alelú-Paz has been an essential part in the birth of this project since the Foundation came into existence  in 2011.

The 2020 CEO Award in the category of “Social Action” represents recognition of the project as a whole, given that  after only 9 years of life, the Canis Majoris Foundation, together with the Laboratory run by Dr. Alelú-Paz, have both become a benchmark among the Civil Society and Advanced Biomedical Research entities, not only because of their high social commitment and involvement, but also for the dedication and management that, with scarce public support and virtually total private financing, aims to develop highly successful programs that provide visibility of the capabilities and talents  of people with functional diversity and / or at risk of psychosocial exclusion, whilst always adhering to the criteria of efficacy and efficiency.

The delivery of this Award reinforces the work carried out at the Foundation and joins the list of awards received by institutions of consecrated prestige that in recent years have rewarded our trajectory and our commitment to Civil Society.

In 2018, we received in New York City the International Prize for the best Foundational Project within the framework of the New York Awards Gala, for our social commitment, research, training and involvement in care issues. This event brings together the most influential Spanish-speaking institutions, associations and personalities on the international scene, recognizing their work throughout the year. That same year, the Illustrious Academy of Health Sciences Ramón y Cajal presented us with the Sanitary Merit Medal in recognition of our excellent professional trajectory and well-known prestige in the field of health. The year ended with the imposition of the Academic Number cord to Dr. Raúl Alelú-Paz, for his scientific merits, academic, knowledge and publications developed in the field of Scientific Research.

During 2019, Dr. Raúl Alelú-Paz received the Dr. Gómez Ulla Prize for Health Excellence in recognition of his professional prestige in the field of Health and commitment to Excellence. Likewise, he received the 2019 Excellence Award in recognition of his advanced values ​​in the professional field by the Institute for Professional Excellence, which brings together a significant number of companies, institutions and foundations that are most prominent in the Spanish panorama. Finally, this year,  2020, Dr. Alelú-Paz has been appointed as visiting researcher at the University of Parma, where he will develop research projects in collaboration with the prestigious scientist Giacomo Rizzolatti, Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research of the year 2011 .

These awards give value to our actions, but what is most important and gratifying for us is the work we do, in the words of Dr. alelu-Paz is: “Placing our intelligence, our work and our resources at the service of those who need it most. ” This is what really encourages the entire Team, Management and Board of the Foundation to continue working with all our efforts..

Cover photo: courtesy of CEO Club  (From left to right: Carmen Valera, Executive President of Burson Cohn & Wolfe and member of the jury of the CEO Awards jury,  Dr. Raúl Alelú-Paz, CEO of the Canis Majoris Foundation, Jon Patxi Lerga , CEO of the Sifu Group and Mariano Llorente, President of the CEO Club)


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