The company La Sociedad Mercantil Alta Precisión del Mecanizado, S.L. (APM, S.L.), (Spanish for High Precision Machining company SL) is the sponsor the futsal (indoor soccer) tournament organized by the Canis Majoris Foundation

On 7th May the Canis Majoris Foundation and the High Precision Machining Company, SL (APM, SL)  signed a collaboration agreement that aims to improve social integration of minors ascribed to reception centers belonging to the Community of Madrid and the promotion of sport as an inclusive and integrating measure for minors.

This collaboration allows both entities to contribute to organizing an indoor soccer tournament whose participants are children at risk of social exclusion.

APM, SL, is a company of the Community of Madrid located in Humanes which originated in 1964 and aims to be at the forefront in high precision machining in the  aviation/aeronautical and, telecommunications sectors among others. APM, SL has opted for the high quality of its products thus providing the projects developed with maximum efficiency.

The children’s tournament begins on May 19 and thanks to the sponsorship of APM, SL, the teams will be provided with sports equipment, accessories and corresponding trophies  so that the players are fully equipped to enjoy themselves throughout the tournament.



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