The Foundation holds the award presentation for the 7th edition of the Siboney Narrative and Painting Prizes

On May 8, 9 and 23, the Canis Majoris Foundation held the award ceremony of the VII Siboney Narrative and Painting Prize in each of the participating centers.

The contest is organized annually in order to foster interest in reading and drawing among minors living in Community of Madrid youth shelters.

New for this VII edition, the contest is joined by a new reception center also belonging to the Community of Madrid, which this year totalled 47 participants, boys and girls between 6 and 17 years of age, who have put all their enthusiasm and effort into producing their narrative and painting entries.

Award ceremony of the VII edition of the Siboney Narrative and Painting Prize

The president of the foundation, Gonzalo Casas Pessino, inaugurated the award delivery ceremonies with an endearing speech primarily dedicated to the young artists, praising their effort and the good work done. The ceremony  was presented by our invaluable collaborators, Pilar Pérez and José Andrés Villota, of the Friends of the Dragon Reader Association, who gave way to the awards ceremony with the staging of a very special story dedicated to the young artists.

The day was livened up with a face painting workshop run  by professional make-up artist,  Laura Iris Gómez, in addition to the balloon twisting workshop led by the event coordinator, artist, Paloma Johansson.

This year maintained the same successful format from last year and the awards, composed of drawing and reading material, once again, divided into six categories of Narrative and Painting.

The works produced will be compiled and published in the III Edition of “Cuentos Siboney” (Siboney Tales), maintaining the original handwriting of each story and the drawing that accompanied it.

We hope to see a continued increase in participation in the contest as this will indicate the success of our actions, which are none other than continuing to work for those who need it most.

Our thanks to the staff of the many participating centers of the Community of Madrid, the General Directorate of Family and Minors, the collaborators José Andrés Villota and Pilar Pérez, of the Association Friends of the Dragon Reader, Paloma Johansson, artist, and Laura Iris Gómez, professional make-up artist, in addition to the bookstores of the Dragon Lector (Dragon Reader).


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