The Madrid Agency for Social Assistance extends the Assisted Therapy with dogs program for another year

The services contract was signed last year between the Canis Majoris Foundation and the Madrid Agency for Social Assistance of the Ministry of Social Policy and Community of the Community from Madrid (AMAS) with the aim of carrying out the Assisted Therapy with Dogs program in 13 centers adhered to the Madrid Social Assistance Agency.

It is an honor to be able to report that the Madrid Social Assistance Agency has processed the extension of the contract, for a period of 11 months, comprising a period from January 18th, 2019 through to December 17, 2020 making the duration of the contract a total of  22 months.

We will continue working with the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm, following the criteria of effectiveness and efficiency that characterize us so that more people can benefit from this program each day.


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