The SoyEstel project in which the Canis Majoris Foundation participates has been one of the winning projects in the Botín Foundation Solidarity Talent Challenge

On February 6, the SoyEstel project in which the Canis Majoris Foundation participates has been one of the projects chosen by a commission of experts and selected as one of the winning projects within the framework of the Solidarity Talent Challenge, organized by the Botín Foundation. To set the project in motion, there will be an amount of 20,000 euros, legal advice from the Fernando Pombo Foundation and consulting from the Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) company.

The Botín Foundation Solidarity Challenge is an annual program that aims to promote innovative projects to fight child poverty in Spain. Each year, hundreds of third sector entities present their projects and only a very small number of these are selected to follow the process. The Canis Majoris Foundation was one of the foundations selected to continue in the process and form a working group with four other entities: The Senara Foundation, the Laudito Si Foundation, AMECAN and the Dragones de Lavapiés” (Lavapies Dragons Association). Together they developed the SoyEstel project that was presented and were chosen as winners  in the final call of the Solidarity Talent Challenge.

Round of questions of the commission of experts of the Solidarity Talent Challenge

Spain has a rate of 17.9% of school failure. Behind this statistical data there are true social dramas where tens of thousands of minors at risk of social exclusion leave the educational system and end up entering a dynamic that can have negative effects for themselves, for their families and for Spanish society in general  .

School failure is a complex problem since it is not generated by a single cause. This is one of the reasons why, to date, we have not devised real solutions to this problem. SoyEstel is a holistic solution to the problem of school failure since it incorporates many types of action to address the problem.

SoyEstel is the project that has been developed over months and whose main objective is to empower children from  under 10 to 16 years of age who are at risk of school failure through unique experiential experiences, face-to-face and online mentoring along with a series of cutting-edge technologies .

We are very proud to be part of and to promote this unique and innovative project to end school failure and lower the dropout rate in our country. We believe that SoyEstel can be a true solution to fight this problem and winning the Solidary Talent Challenge of the Botín Foundation is the first step.


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